Welcome to REV(olution) Life! Helping you bring mindfulness to your daily routine. Maybe you’re interested in starting plant-based diet (one or every day of the week,) reinventing yourself through yoga, or learning meditation tips and how to create a meditation practice to help you stay the you, you want to be–RevLife is the place for you.

It’s time to revolt against the past, all those things we’ve allowed to hold ourselves back, and take a hold of your life. I can help you do that one bite, one pose, and one breath at a time.




(REV)olution LIFE 

Overthrow your old way of thinking and become who you want to be.


I’m a trained yoga and meditation teacher who has been living a plant-based life for a decade, and lived a half-Plant-Based life for twenty years before that. I’ve used that time to live a life filled with happy and healthy Plant-Based meals, ALL DAY LONG.

Diets don’t work. They are a temporary fix for a permanent desire. I can help you shift onto a healthier and more harmonious life path, moving you past all that.

Eating Plant-Based one day a week has well documented and proven lasting health benefits. From lowering your cholesterol, preventing type 2 diabetes, decreasing your chances of heart disease and high blood pressure, to helping you sleep better, having increased energy, and feeling less anxious–a Plant-Based diet packs a lot of punches to help you live that healthy life you’ve always seen yourself in.

Through my programs from Plant-Based Diets, Yoga based Movements, and Guided and unGuided meditations, I can help guide you onto that new path. Moving past self-sabotage and that overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start.


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