Vegan Life Hacks: Leftovers

Making the switch from omnivore to herbivore can feel imposing. You’ve spent your entire life perfecting your meal routine. You know what you’ll have for breakfast next Tuesday, because it’s what you always have for breakfast on Tuesdays.  And then there’s the Friday Take-out that is a life saver, because the last thing you want to do after a long week of work, is cook.

But you’ve decided to make a switch. You want to live more (or completely) plant-based and it feels so hard.

Well, the trick to overcoming this feeling is simple. It’s leftovers.

Leftovers have multiple benefits:

#1 — You get to cook less. 

Intentionally make TOO MUCH FOOD! Then freeze it. Have you found a favorite recipe, like Shawarma Seitan with rice and broccoli? Double it. Use the extra seitan to make yourself a wrap the next day. Sprinkle it on a salad.

Another option is to pick a day you know you’ll be home, and meal prep. Making your food in advance is a real time-saver, plus, it helps deter you from cravings. Now you don’t need to wait for grubhub, because you have a freezer filled with favorites.

#2 — 40% of all food is wasted.

$166 billion is spent, each year, on food we’ll never eat. Is that how you want to spend your money? Maybe you’re going plant-based for ethical reasons, or maybe it has to do with the environment. Saving and eating left overs with help you on both of those paths. Your bank account will thank you just as much as your body will.

#3 — Money.

So, I already mentioned this above, but it’s worth listing on its own. By cooking extra food to eat on a later date, you’re not only saving time, but money. You can go to your local grocery store and buy enough bulk oatmeal to last you a week of breakfasts and not break $2. You can also use this oatmeal to make granola bar, or dry cereal to snack on.

Did you make too much oatmeal and you can’t see yourself re-heating it? Turn it into muffins. [note: the recipes linked is *not* plant-based. To convert, use ground flax-seed to make the eggs and plant-based milk for the dairy component.]


Making a switch to a plant-based life can feel overwhelming at first–just like any other big change–but when you take a step back, it’s not so hard. It’s just new. Don’t let new scare you off from becoming the you you’ve always wanted to be.

Take it one day at a time, and if you fall off–that’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day. Try, try again.





Published by AS Youngless

AS Youngless is a speculative and fantasy-based fiction writer who lives in sunny Los Angeles with her husband, son and dog named Missy.

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