3 Oms Batik Boutique: Yoga Clothing review

You’re always on the lookout for new, comfortable, yoga clothes. Something that is versatile enough to wear in an Ashtanga class, but can also be worn while you’re running to the grocery store. Something that isn’t your typical legging or super store brand. Well, 3 Oms Batik Boutique is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!*

3oms peace finger racer back
photo by: Camille Champa. Modeled by: Tiffani Hilton

Comfortable, adorable, and everything yoga–3 Oms Batik Boutique carries a variety of yoga inspired clothing; from airy tanks to cozy hoodies and not-your-run-of-the-mill yoga pants (for those want to add something other than leggings to your yoga attire)–3 Oms Batik Boutique has it all.

So, what makes this brand so special? I’m glad you asked–everything you see on their Etsy Shop, their Website, and Facebook page is hand dyed.

We live in a world of fast everything! Food, dating, even exercise–but these pieces are waxed and dyed by hand. Yes, there may be more than one Chakra Shirt, but Marcia Hudgel, the owner of 3 Oms, likes to keep things experimental, switching between tie-dye and solids colors. This means, no one will ever have an identical piece as you do. It is as rare and individual as you are.

3 Oms Batik Boutique allows you to represent the skin you wear every day by dressing it in hand waxed and dyed yoga attire created by a yogi for all yogis. Plus, $1 of each purchase is donated to local and nation charities in support of human rights, animal welfare, and the environment.

3oms bakti pants


*Full disclosure–I know Marcia Hudgel, owner of 3 Oms Batik Boutique. We were classmates during Yoga Teacher Training, way back when. This review or 3 Oms Batik Boutique happened because I LOVE the shirt I own. It’s my favorite yoga shirt, hands down. It’s hard to find a yoga shirt that’s flattering, stylish, and won’t fall down when you are working on your head/handstand. My tank never does, which makes it a winner in my book.

This is my well loved, well worn tank:

tank top 3oms

If you look close enough, you’ll see stains from how often I wear it! That’s how much love I have for 3 Oms. 🙂

[All photos were taken by Camille Champa. Models Jess Sikon (long sleeve) & Tiffani Hilton (tank top).]

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