(REV)olution LIFE 

Overthrow your old way of thinking and become who you want to be.


I’m a trained yoga and meditation teacher who has been living a plant-based life for a decade, and lived a half-Plant-Based life for twenty years before that. I’ve used that time to live a life filled with happy and healthy Plant-Based meals, ALL DAY LONG.

Diets don’t work. They are a temporary fix for a permanent desire. I can help you shift onto a healthier and more harmonious life path, moving you past all that.

Eating Plant-Based one day a week has well documented and proven lasting health benefits. From lowering your cholesterol, preventing type 2 diabetes, decreasing your chances of heart disease and high blood pressure, to helping you sleep better, having increased energy, and feeling less anxious–a Plant-Based diet packs a lot of punches to help you live that healthy life you’ve always seen yourself in.

Through my programs from Plant-Based Diets, Yoga based Movements, and Guided and unGuided meditations, I can help guide you onto that new path. Moving past self-sabotage and that overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start.