Online Yoga & Barre Classes

It’s announcement time! With everything that is transpiring around us, I am currently getting organized and will be launching a YouTube Station. I have the site set up and classes will soon follow. Please subscribe to the Rev(olution)Life Fitness channel. Go here to Subscribe! If monthly updates, fill out my survey! Please be safe andContinue reading “Online Yoga & Barre Classes”

3 Oms Batik Boutique: Yoga Clothing review

You’re always on the lookout for new, comfortable, yoga clothes. Something that is versatile enough to wear in an Ashtanga class, but can also be worn while you’re running to the grocery store. Something that isn’t your typical legging or super store brand. Well, 3 Oms Batik Boutique is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!* Comfortable, adorable,Continue reading “3 Oms Batik Boutique: Yoga Clothing review”